Thursday, February 12, 2009

My First Silver Oak

I haven't tasted many wines over the $75 price point...up until yesterday. I had the pleasure of enjoying my first taste of Silver Oak wine last night with a delicious dinner. I didn't look too closely at the bottle at first, only noticing that it was a Silver Oak Napa Cab. Secretly, I got really excited, but wanted to keep up my professional front while we ordered dinner and enjoyed conversation.

The waiter opened it after we ordered, and it sat there, breathing. Now, I can relate to this, I often just sit there, breathing. The issue with this was that I was dying to taste it. Finally, he came by after the appetizer and poured us each a glass. I was the first to take a sip, and I got lost in it (not in a creepy way, I remained somewhat involved). It was dark, rich and smooth without being overtly tannic or explosive. After another look at the label it was a Silver Oak 2000 Napa Cab. Yum. It was divine. That's all I got. 


PS - I want more.

PPS - I found a great blog entry about this...

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